10 things NOT to do when painting your home

Painting your home and be an enjoyable experience as long as you have an idea of what you’re doing. Sometimes knowing what not to do gives you more space to be creative while also being cautious.


Here a list from the best painting company in Dubai about the top 10 things NOT to do when painting your home:

  • DIYing with no experience/research
    If you’re reading this before you start your paint job, that is an excellent first step to not messing up. It’s never a good idea to go blind into these type of home projects especially if you have no prior experience if you’re all right with potential mishaps you can DIY away, but hiring painting contractors in Dubai is the way to go if you’re looking for professionalism.

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  • Forgetting to budget
    So if you have zero experience and no idea what your budget is, you’re in for a double disaster. Keeping in mind if you’re a rookie at this you might have to keep a higher budget if you mess up and need to buy more cans of paint. Compare prices in all your local stores and if you really don’t have enough of a budget, try renting the brushes and other necessary equipment like ladders.

  • Forgetting the tape, or putting it on too long
    The painter’s tape is called so for a reason, although granted it is much work, but it is worth all the effort. No matter how good of an artist you are, getting those clean-cut lines and edges is only possible by applying the painter's tape. Most villa painting Dubai company recommend leaving the tape on for only 15 mins or so as the longer you leave it on, the more you risk of peeling off your fresh coat of paint along with the tape.

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  • Ignore your floors
    We tend to overlook our floors when painting our houses, because what’s one little drop of paint on the floor, right? Wrong! Negligence could result in the damage or your floors beyond repair, depending on the type of paint and floor you have. It’ll end up costing you more for repair and maintenance than it would be more vigilant. Take that extra time to lay bundles of cloth on the floor; it could save you your precious floor and wallet.

  • Impatience
    Waiting for paint to dry isn’t a fun task, but trying to save time and paint a second coat while the previous one is still wet will result in your wasting more time than you save. Villa or apartment painting in Dubai heat doesn't mean your paint will dry quicker, don’t be hasty, and you’ll get the most optimum results.

  • Forgetting to prime
    So a potentially more expensive thing you shouldn’t avoid doing, priming before you paint results an even finish and more saturated color, overall a higher quality result. Although, as previously mentioned, it is a bit more of a cost, it’s worth the money for an excellent paint job. There are some paints on the market with primer in the formula so try to go for those.

  • Using the wrong tools
    Going for the fanciest looking or the cheapest tool will both leave you with undesirable results. Get a brush that is appropriate for the type of space or object you want to paint and get a decent quality one where the bristols don’t leave very visible stroke marks or rollers that soak too much paint which leads to many annoying drip marks.

  • Neglecting pre-painting prep
    Other than putting up painter’s tape and securing your floors, there are a few other steps involved if you want to go for the optimum finish with the least mishaps. Meaning you have to clean your walls, fill up any holes left from nails or hooks being drilled, and sanding any rough spots. Also, remember patch testing, buy a paint testing kit before out decide to go all out

  • Picking the wrong finish
    After you’re done selecting the paints you want, and hopefully the primer too, you’ve got one thing left, and it’s the finish/sheen. Picking the right type of finish is essential because matte and flat to may hide flaws but are hard to clean off, satin and eggshell finishes are ones you should preferably go for as it falls in the middle.

  • Letting other people have a say
    Now everyone has an opinion about everything, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but don’t let them deter you from what you really want. You’re better off following your heart and going for the color you love. If that’s the color you have wanted for the longest time and your friends or family are just being over critical, go for it. Paint isn’t permanent; even if it ends up not matching your decor or vibe, the experience will help you the next time you want to repaint; so go wild.

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