Top 5 Tips to Keep your Swimming Pool Clean in Dubai

Having a pool in your backyard means its bound to get dirty and murky from all those pool parties you host every other weekend. Pools get dirty even from the most minimal use as leaves and dust accumulate and overlooking pool maintenance could lead to irritation on the skin, murky green water, broken filters, and algae build up but worry not here are a few ways you can keep your pool clean and glamorous:


  • Skimming - Skimming your pool means keeping the surface of the pool clear from leaves, twigs and anything else that may gather on the top by either using a pool net or a pool vacuum. This needs to be done almost daily to ensure a crystal clean pool.

  • Scrubbing - Scrubbing the sides of the pool with any scrubbing brush can be done once every few weeks to avoid algae build up. For extremely stubborn spots that just won’t seem to go away, fill an old sock with chlorine and leave it on the spot for a few hours and then scrub and then voila! Good as new.

  • Balanced Chemical levels - An improper balance in the levels of the chemicals in swimming pools can become a breeding ground for bacteria and can leave the skin feeling extremely irritated. Chlorine, alkaline, and acid levels need to be kept in check every once a week, and this can quickly be done by buying a testing kit from any hardware stores. It’s a one time purchase that will save you from trouble in the future

  • Baking Soda to the Rescue - As stated above, it’s essential to maintain balanced chemical levels. It is common to use sodium bicarbonate to keep alkaline and ph level in check. Instead of buying extremely overpriced chemical solutions, baking soda works just as well and is available in almost every supermarket.

  • Tennis Balls - You read that right, throw in a few tennis balls in the pool, not to play with but to help absorb oils that are left behind. Oils such as natural oils from the body, sun lotion, hair product, etc. may stay in pool water and contaminate the water. Tennis balls are an easy fix to a sticky situation

And this is just some of the basics, maintaining and keeping your pool spic and span is a lot of hard work and if you want to use it often, it’s best to get swimming pool maintenance companies in Dubai to get a yearly checkup. MI Empire, the leading maintenance company in Dubai can help you in a jiffy with emergency leak detection & rectification, assuring pool safety, swimming pool cleaning, and even pool design & construction. If you don’t want the headache of maintaining your pool, reach out to MIEE today.

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