5 Ways to Reinvent Spaces in Your Home

Every home needs a fresh look once in a while; if you want the aesthetic and feel of a home that is genuinely reinventive, then you’ve come to the right place. Everything even from the smallest of changes can make the largest difference and here’s how.


Follow these 5 easy ways to reinvent spaces in your home

  • Declutter
    So one way to add beauty is to remove the ugly. Decluttering your home gives you more space to work with and may help give you ideas on what to do. Decluttering can also be really therapeutic, so get into those cupboards, drawers, and all the pieces of junk lying around for ages and make the most of it. Box the junk and keep what is sentimental. Give things you don’t need anymore to charity or sell it online, own your space again!

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  • Love Thy Bedroom
    Start with the place you probably love most, your bed! The bedroom is a great place to start redecorating as you probably spend most of your time here after a long day of work or just to relax. Buy some lovely scented candles, some really comfy pillows (the more, the merrier) and a blanket that feels like you’re floating on a cloud and bedsheets to match. If you share a room with your partner, put up some pictures and frames and just anything sentimental to you both. It’s truly the small things that matter.

  • Bathroom Glo Up
    Bathrooms are the one place that goes completely ignored when you think of reinventing space in your house. A bathroom is also an ideal place to relax with a warm bath running or a nice hot shower. To give you bathroom a more homely feel, try installing wooden tiles that would make it more warm and welcoming and most tile installation companies in Dubai can be bought at a budget. Scented candles would also go great here and remember to always keep fresh and clean towels.

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  • Paint Your Heart Out
    May it be a small apartment or villa, a great villa painting service can really bring life into your home. Louder or darker colors can make any room seem smaller and cozier while lighter and softer colors can give the illusion of a much bigger space. Depending on your space and your taste do not be afraid to go wild. If you want to go for a proper professional look, it’s best to hire painting services in Dubai, but if you’re okay with experimenting and a little messy job, DIYing is for you.

  • Plants and pots
    Plants are a great idea to get some of that healthy air indoors. Having indoor plants not only freshens the air but makes your home feel alive and bright. For an extra touch, design the pots with whatever ideas come to mind or buy some funky pots at the nearest IKEA.

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