Top 7 things to Consider before hiring a Maintenance company in Dubai

Hiring a maintenance company in Dubai is harder than you would expect because there are hundreds of companies to choose from, but you want to pick the one that’s the most reliable, but how would you know who's credible and who isn’t? We’ve got you covered, here are some things you need to consider before hiring anyone -


  • Referrals

    We are more eager to trust a company when they have had many clients or if they’ve been recommended by a friend or family. Try to get in touch with the clients who have worked with certain maintenance companies before and get their opinion. Ask around before you go straight to the internet; it could save you some time and make the process simpler.

  • Don’t be Satisfied

    Make sure to look at several companies that meet your criteria and prepare a list of questions to ask them. Even if you’re looking for a simple electrical maintenance company in Dubai; never settle for the first company you probably looked up on Google, look at several, and asking questions will narrow down your search and find you a perfect match.

  • Overall Cost

    You need to think about and plan your budget before you go into hiring anyone as most companies have a fixed budget and won’t be easily bargained on. It could be you find the perfect company, but they are way over what you can afford. Plan on where you can compromise and try to negotiate a price both you and the company can go forward with.

  • Packages

    Most maintenance companies in Dubai will have packages or offers, especially if you’re looking at hiring them for several services and not just one. Your budget is essential, so while scanning all the different companies keep in mind that packages are your wallet’s best friend and look through to see which one fits your requirements best.

  • Quality of Work

    It is crucial to know if a company is professional enough to handle the job, you won’t always have the option of referrals, and sometimes just asking questions won’t be enough. If the job you’re asking them to do is quite the hefty one it’ll be a good idea to go their offices, take a look at catalogs, business cards, machinery & equipment if people are in proper safety uniform and so on. The harder the job, the more cautious you have to be.

  • Insurance

    You need to talk to the company on their respective insurance policy and how they will handle if something is broken or has been damaged during the maintenance process.

  • Management & Contracts

    It is vital to know how the company will be handling the job, things like how long the job will take, starts and end dates, general deadlines, all costs and days they’ll be coming in are all beneficial to know. Make sure these details are on a contract and only sign when you have read through it and are satisfied with the terms.

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