7 Things to Consider While Painting your Home

Are you planning to add that loved colours of yours to your home? Just read these quick tips before you start painting your home. It will help you to finish your painting more smoothly.

Top 5 Tips to Keep your Swimming Pool Clean in Dubai

Having a pool in your backyard means its bound to get dirty and murky from all those pool parties you host every other weekend. Pools get dirty even from the most minimal use as leaves and dust accumulate and overlooking pool maintenance could lead to irritation on the skin, murky green water, broken filters, and algae build up but worry not here are a few ways you can keep your pool clean and glamorous:

Top 5 Elevator Problems

The elevator is something almost everyone uses on an everyday basis. It’s a basic feature of any building, and sometimes we forget that this essential feature requires high maintenance to function safely and get people where they need to go. We at MIEE, a highly qualified maintenance company in Dubai are always here to help to with all elevator maintenance services, and here are the possible issues you could face if elevator maintenance is overlooked:

Tips to Remove Stain From The Best Wooden Flooring Company Dubai

We all spill stuff on our floors, it’s inevitable, especially if you have kids or pets running around the house, your floors are are prone to the occasional spill. Also during the blazing hot summer season, your wooden flooring in Dubai is more susceptible to spillage than any other time of the year. To help you stay cool and correctly clear up these spills without ruining your beautiful wood flooring, just follow these easy tricks:

Commercial Painting Service Contractors in Dubai, UAE - MI Empire

We MI Empire, the leading painting company in Dubai caterers for Industrial, commercial and Villa painting services Dubai and all over UAE. We are specialized in delivering high quality commercial painting services for offices, garages, warehouses, factories since 2016 with our well equipped team of professional painters in Dubai, you can rest assured MI Empire will make your paint job meet and exceed your expectations.

Top 3 Benefits of Hiring Professional AC Maintenance Service in Dubai

People always think that their Air Conditioners are always working good, only notice them while seeing a tremendous increase on their Dewa bill or their houses not cooling as much as before when AC turns on. These are all the sign that your Air conditioner needs professional AC repair services in Dubai especially in hot seasons. Here we are sharing top 3 benefits having professional AC maintenance services in Dubai.

Top 5 Tips to Keep your Swimming Pool Clean in Dubai

Looking forward to the coming sunny days to take a dip in your pool? MI Empire, the leading maintenance company in Dubai passing on 5 tips for keeping your most loved swimming pool neat and clean.

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