Top 3 Things to Look Before Hiring Painting Service in Dubai

You’ve decided to hire a painting company in Dubai because your apartment, office or villa really needs that pop of color here’s the top three things to keep in mind to hire the right people:


Research and More Research

Refrain from just looking up some companies on the net. Ask around, talk to previous clients the painting contractor has worked with, read Google reviews. You are more likely to get honest opinions and positive suggestions from a friend, family, or past clients than just a website. Not Only this but look through their portfolio. Does it match what you’re looking for? Do they even have a portfolio? Dig through before you come to a final decision


Right off the bat, you can tell the difference from professional and a rookie if they request a walk in to see the space that requires to be painted. Even if you’ve given them the details through email or phone, a really good painting contractor in Dubai will want to have a look personally, and you can tell by this that they are experts.


Always prepare a list of what your requirements are and how they match with your current budget. Let the painter break up the costs, so you know exactly how much you are paying and for what. Try negotiating a price that works for both you and the painter as sometimes they are willing to accommodate to your budget but also be prepared to compromise if you really want a particular painter but don’t have the budget for it.

Best Painting Companies in Dubai

Whether it be an commercial, industrial, apartment or villa painting in Dubai, MIEE has you covered. We believe in providing the best and most eco-friendly painting services in Dubai and offer a full range of colors for any room size with our team of professionals and trained staffs.

About MIEE

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