Top 5 Elevator Problems

The elevator is something almost everyone uses on an everyday basis. It’s a basic feature of any building, and sometimes we forget that this essential feature requires high maintenance to function safely and get people where they need to go. We at MIEE, a highly qualified maintenance company in Dubai are always here to help to with all elevator maintenance services, and here are the possible issues you could face if elevator maintenance is overlooked:

  1. Worn Sheaves - Worn sheaves could lead to placing extra wear on ropes, which then increases the wear on sheaves. It is a cycle that could lead to further damage to the main elevator components and cause a safety hazard

  2. Shutdowns or Power Failures - Since elevators are used every day and there are multiple in a single building, it consumes a lot of power and requires a high amount of energy from each building's system. A power quality survey is required to keep voltage levels in check to avoid the complete shutdown of the lift and motor failures.

  3. Oiling - When there are wears in the elevator system, a few metal pieces are released in the oil that can significantly disrupt the functionality of elevator systems. In fact, improper lubrication could cause contamination and cause further damage and wear of the motors.

  4. Alignment of motor drives - Since there are many pieces of equipment working together and alongside with the electric motor, the alignment and placing of all equipment is of critical importance. If anything is placed too close together or is misaligned, could causes the motor to wear at a faster rate becoming more expensive to get it aligned compared to having regular maintenance.

  5. Overheating - Overuse, temperature imbalances, low and irregular maintenance is what causes overheating in the elevator systems. May it be a passenger or platform lift, overheating is a common issue that could put your entire elevator system in risk of breakdown which could have been easily avoided with regular maintenance

The solution? If it is not already obvious then the answer is to get regular elevator maintenance, it is much cheaper to do this than to wait for your elevator system to have major issues that could cost thousands in repair and even inconvenience residents of the building. Out of all the elevator maintenance companies in Dubai, MIEE is well established and trusted electrical maintenance company in Dubai where you can rest assure of speedy services and high quality inspection and preventative maintenance.

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