Top 5 Tips to Keep your Swimming Pool Clean in Dubai

Looking forward to the coming sunny days to take a dip in your pool? MI Empire, the leading maintenance company in Dubai passing on 5 tips for keeping your most loved swimming pool neat and clean.

  • Run your filters and pump during the off-peak times, you might wonder why you don't think about this earlier. This will make a significant drop in your energy consumption bill. Make sure that the sound from your plat room is not making any disturbance to your neighbours at the night.

  • Maintain your pools chemicals at the right level, Always remember its not only about keeping your pools pH level, that you need to keep your pool hygienic, clean and swim ready. Considering an example, temperature, acid levels, and calcium levels also contribute to the complete pool balance. Having weekly proper checking is the best and effective way to avoid unnecessary expensive maintenance.

  • Use of pre filter units, Installing a pre filter unit is a great way to save money. With a pre filter unit you can drop down the frequency and time you spent on for backwashing. This also helps in reducing the use of chemicals and heating demand based on the amount of water thats require replacing.

  • Use of solar cover, as we have a typical climate condition of sand storm, these solar cover will help us prevent dust particles getting into the pool. Also a solar cover can make changes in the water temperature, prevents evaporation by up to 90%, drop down the amount of chemical consumption by 30%.

  • Take care of equipment, keeping an eye on regular servicing and maintenance of equipment you are using for your swimming pool cleaning is an excellent preventive measure that can help you in keeping your pool clean and avoid costly maintenances.

To keep your most loved swimming pool clean and hygienic, we recommend weekly cleaning and checks of chemicals and equipment that you are using for pool cleaning. As one of the leading swimming pool maintenance companies in Dubai we offer a wide range of swimming pool maintenance Dubai services to keep your pool clean and swim ready in all climate conditions. MI Empire general maintenance company have been in the industry for over 3 years. Contact us for any queries regarding pool construction and maintenance in Dubai.

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