Top 5 Wooden Flooring Ideas That Adds Beauty to Your Home

Want to find a way to give your home that elegant and classy feel. Or maybe you’re just looking for a fresh new look and want to spice things up a bit but don’t want to renovate your whole house. It’s amazing how wooden flooring can change the vibe and aesthetic of any home to feel classy, warm, or more homely depending on what type you go with.


Top five wooden flooring ideas that you try for your home

  • Bamboo

    Very similar traits to wooden flooring, bamboo is becoming more popular. Made from grass that gives a look and feels of hardwood, but much easier to install and maintain while also being extremely durable. Bamboo wooden flooring in Dubai, although a quite light is available in a variety of hues that match your taste and decor. It is also an extremely eco-friendly option and has various customization options.

  • Honeywood

    Just by the word itself, you get this fuzzy and warm feeling from this type of wood flooring. Honey wood flooring is the right balance between a dark and light, making your room look larger while giving a refined and rich look of darker toned wooden floors. This is a classic and safe color and goes with any type of decor.

  • Dark Stained

    If you want to go for the classy, elegant and refined look, a dark wooden floor is the best way to go. They’re more interesting than your regular brown hardwood floor and gives your home a different look. There are a range of color variations of dark wooden flooring in Dubai, but most of these colors make your rooms look smaller than it is, but if that doesn't bother you or that’s what you want, dark stained can be a great option.

  • Whitewashed

    This is more of a Californian style wooden flooring because it gives off a relaxed vibe. These are good for kitchens and living room areas, as it is a lighter colored option and makes your space feel and look much bigger than it is. This is perfect for apartments and smaller spaces in general, and many flooring companies in Dubai are selling whitewashed wood to meet the demand for this trend of flooring.

  • Cork

    Another eco-friendly option and also extremely durable, it has been a popular option for homeowners for many years. Cork may not sound fancy or homely, but it is unlike most wooden flooring options. It actually gives off a very soft and inviting feel, it works well with your hardline decor.

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