7 Things to Consider While Painting your Home

Are you planning to add that loved colours of yours to your home? Just read these quick tips before you start painting your home. It will help you to finish your painting more smoothly.


  • Be Prepared

    Be prepared before starting the paint job. It will help you to save your valuable time after painting by reducing the cleaning time and unwanted headache during painting. Cover your floors, furnitures and wardrobes with drop clothes. Also try to cover your door handles with tapes.

  • Use Painters Tape

    Use painters tape on the edges, this helps you to have a clean edges and polished finish to the painted areas. Be sure the tapes placed are tightly to avoid bleeding in to it and remove the tapes before the paints get dried. If you wait till it gets dried there is chance to paint to peel off.

  • Clean the Walls

    Make sure that you have cleaned the walls before start painting the walls, otherwise there might be dust particles stuck to the walls and you can see the walls get ripped. You can avoid this headache by cleaning the walls before start painting. Run a vacuum and use a mix of water and vinegar to wash the walls to remove dust from the walls

  • Stock Enough Paints

    Avoid the chance to run to the paint shop in between the painting process. Always be smart and take a good estimate while planning the painting and stock enough paints to complete your painting.

  • Use of Right Paint Brushes

    Always use the right brush that required for the paint material. And also buy brushes of good quality, there is no point of saving small penny for the brushes.

  • Effective Use of Brush

    Use the brushes in the right to save your paint and effectively complete the painting. Dip the end portion of the paint brush into the paint can instead of completely dipping.

  • Always use 2 Coats

    Add second coat to get that beauty really dreamed off. Wait for the paint to get dry and read the instructions on the bottles for the effective use.

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